The earth’s environment has reached critical levels of pollution. We, therefore, must do whatever we can to protect our environment. It is essential to be more mindful of the products we choose to use in our homes, vacation rentals, Home Care facilities, etc. 

Switching to plant-based cleaning detergents for sanitation and disinfection is one of the many ways we can help our environment.

The ever-growing threat of viruses has made it even more important to be extra careful. Proper hygiene and cleaning have become an essential part of our day to day lives. The most common mistake we make is to use strong but harmful chemicals to sanitize our surroundings.

Although there is no disputing that the use of strong bleaches or industrial cleaners have proven to be effective in ensuring our spaces are 99% free of germs and bacteria, a hidden enemy lurks in the shadows. Our prolonged exposure to harsh cleaning items can result in a wide range of health concerns. So what can we do to avoid this? 

By switching to a less intense, more natural solution, we can adequately clean our home, or even a vacation rental, without sacrificing our health. Moreover, we also reap the various benefits an eco-friendly cleaning product has to offer. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the main reasons why switching to natural plant-based cleaners is a must.


A commercially available cleaning kit is expensive due to the assortment of chemicals it contains. More often than not, consumers are paying for the brand prestige and the packaging costs rather than the product quality. Cleaners that are designed as greener cleaning substitutes contain plant-based ingredients. Buying in bulk gives even more significant savings.

Clean Air

It is a known fact that using any chemical can be damaging to the home when misused. Harsh chemical cleaners contaminate the air and create toxic fumes and vapors. It may not be initially evident, but exposure to these dangerous substances can increase the risk of respiratory illnesses like asthma.

It’s safe to say that using eco-friendly products in a home or vacation rental is a much better option because of the natural ingredients they contain. Since green products include plant-based ingredients, less fuel, energy, and materials are needed for manufacturing them. This, in turn, dramatically lowers the amount of pollutants factories and chemical plants make.

Low Risk

The use of harsh chemical cleaners in homes, businesses, and even vacation properties require the use of protective equipment to ensure the eyes, skin, and lungs are safeguarded. 

On the other hand, when an eco-friendly product accidentally comes into contact with the skin, there are no similar threats to a person’s health. 

Environmentally Friendly

Mass-produced cleaning products generally contribute to a large number of chemical pollutants on the planet. Harsh chemicals found in the ingredient list of most cleaning products are significant contributors to smog, are known contaminants in drinking water, and are toxic to animals and plants.

When flushed down the drains, these products are introduced to our water system. When this happens, treatment plants have difficulty removing them in large volumes. In some instances, you cannot remove them at all. Over time the build-up can significantly impact the ecosystem.

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies do not contain harmful chemicals like chlorine, nitrates, and phosphates. These known environmental pollutants are not present in plant-powered cleaning products, making them the safer alternative.

Safe For Children And Pets

Children and pets have a fantastic way of gaining access to even the most well-hidden items. This includes cleaning products stashed under the kitchen sink. And no matter how careful a person can be, sometimes these mischievous tykes still manage to get their hands on a cleaning compound that was accidentally left within reach. 

By using a cleaning item made of all-natural ingredients, we can rest easy knowing that our family and pets aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals. Aside from using these products in our homes, rental vacation properties would do well to have these supplies on hand.

It goes without saying that when we consider using natural cleaning products, we can effectively kill all the harmful bacteria present in our homes while also helping the environment. Furthermore, the quick removal of bacteria eliminates the presence of dust and allergens, keeping us from feeling unwell. These little changes are not only beneficial for our overall health; they are also great for the planet.