It may be hot in Texas during the summer season, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great destination for a family vacation.

There are many fun things to do in San Antonio. It is a city that is steeped in history and easily one of the top places to visit for families. Many people claim that it is on their top list when it comes to a group vacation.

With so many sights and sounds to explore, we’ve prepared a list of exciting things to do and places to visit so you can have an awesome weekend with your friends or family.

Attractions in San Antonio

Many who visit San Antonio end up renting vacation properties. Since there are many amazing places to check out, here are some of the top attractions you can find in the city.

The Alamo

One of the first places to visit in San Antonio is The Alamo. Located in Alamo Plaza, the site features exhibits, host reenactments, and interactive tours concerning the Texas Revolution.

The Alamo served as the first mission to the city of San Antonio and was also a way station situated between Texas and Mexico in the early 1700s. It became a symbol of liberty during the Texas Revolution in 1836.

At this time, The Alamo offers audio tours in English, Japanese, French, Spanish, and German. Although admission to the area is free, the guided tours are going to cost around $10 to $15 per person.

Once you’re done with your tours, you can head over to the Häagen-Dazs ice cream shop nearby to cool down or Moses Rose’s Hideout to try some Texan burgers and barbecue.

The Witte Museum

The Witte Museum is located on the banks of the San Antonio River. Visitors can expect to find huge cultural and dinosaur exhibits with interactive storytelling included. Situated on Broadway Street, the museum has a 300-year old history that contributes to the cultural legacy of the city.

Before visiting the Witte Museum, visitors are required to purchase their tickets online. Having an vacation rental property that has internet connectivity can be very handy.

Some notable restaurants nearby are Chipotle Mexican Grill, Smoke Shack BBQ, and IHOP. Visitors can also try Hung Fong Chinese for some classic Chinese cuisine.

Morgan’s Wonderland

Kids love theme parks, and the super accessible Morgan’s Wonderland can fulfill their needs. The place offers fun for all ages and abilities. People can expect this 25-acre park to offer catch-and-release fishing, a wheelchair-accessible Ferris wheel, Water Works, Butterfly Playground, Starlight Amphitheater, Pirates Island, and many more attractions.

There are three food outlets available on-site for convenience. These are Morgan’s Munchies, Little Italy Bistro, and Tasty Treats.

Go Rio San Antonio Cruises

Looking to explore the sights of the San Antonio River? If so, then the Go Rio San Antonio Cruises is a must for the family. Visitors can expect to ride colorful barges down the river through downtown while the drivers provide narrations and point out unique landmarks nearby.

The cruise offers guest pick-ups and drop-offs at several areas in downtown San Antonio every hour. Guests can purchase their tickets individually or organize a group vacation tour for everyone to enjoy.

Visitors can give them a call at 210-227-GRIO (4746) or visit the place at East Commerce Street.

SeaWorld and Aquatica San Antonio

Located at SeaWorld Drive, SeaWorld in San Antonio offers a water park, awesome park rides, and marine life spectacles all in one place. The thrilling rides, close-up animal encounters, and sensational shows make this place one of the best establishments to visit for a family vacation.

The animal shows have interactive audience participation, while many family-friendly fair rides are available to choose from. For food, Rosita’s Café Pizza and Pasta Buffet as well as Smokehouse Grill can be found nearby.

Natural Bridge Caverns

The saying “Everything is bigger in Texas” holds true even for the caves in the Natural Bridge Caverns. Guests can discover some of the most incredible underground chambers in the world, containing truly unique formations.

A guided tour is available that will take visitors along paved and lighted walkways. If they so wish, groups can even try to pan for gems at the Discovery Village Mining Company. Meanwhile, the AMAZEn’ Ranch Roundup provides a dynamic outdoor maze for both young and those young in heart.

Staying in San Antonio

Before traveling to San Antonio, it is always best to look for an accommodation where the family can spend time and relax together. Although there are many hotels around the city, they can be quite expensive, especially for bigger groups.

The best way to spend a family getaway in San Antonio is to go with vacation properties. A vacation rental is a convenient and affordable choice today.

Compared to a hotel, a vacation property doesn’t require guests to stick to certain timeframes, allowing them the freedom they need to organize their day. These vacation homes also include cleaning kits, ensuring guests are adequately provided for their home care needs.When going on a family vacation in San Antonio, be sure to check out our local vacation properties available and see what we have to offer.