The mere mention of vacationing in Utah is often associated with winter activities. After all, Utah is home to some of the best powdery slopes perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. 

Very few people would stop to consider renting a vacation rental here during the summer months. What is there to do when the snow is gone, you ask? Lots! There are many year-round attractions you can see when you come to Park City, Utah.

Before we jump into that, here is a quick history lesson about this severely underrated travel destination.

The History of Park City

Park City, Utah, can be found a good 32 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. Considered as part of Wasatch Back, Park City has a total population of around 8,500 as of the 2019 census. After the shutdown of the mining industry, this small city saw a decline in its population. The population rebounded between the 80s to the 90s thanks to the growth of the area’s tourism business.

Before it was known for hosting the largest film festival (Sundance Film Festival) in the United States, Park City was merely the route early Mormon pioneers took to get to Salt Lake City. Exploration of the canyon in 1848 was done by a Mormon leader named Parley P. Pratt. In the succeeding year, a toll road was built through it. Settlers decided to stay at the top of the canyon, later named “Parley’s Park City,” which was subsequently shortened in the early 1900s to “Park City.”

Over time, Park City has become one of the major destinations for a lot of winter sports. However, you can do so much more in Utah aside from the usual skiing and snowboarding activities. Although loved for its winter months, Park City has also become one of the top destinations during the summer. 

Park City Utah Summer Activities

The growing number of vacation properties that are occupied month after month is a testament to how great Park City can be in the warmer part of the year. Check out this shortlist of the many things you and your loved ones can do when you visit.

Park Silly Sunday Market

Park Silly Sunday Market is an open-air market located along Historic Main Street and within walking distance to vacation rentals. Visitors will find a selection of stalls and tents offering various goods from food, art, music, and local crafts. Artisan soaps and chemical-free goods are favorites in this attraction by the local community and visitors alike.

When to go: The market is open every Sunday starting June, and it runs to September.

Utah Olympic Park

Ever wondered what it’s like to ride a bobsled? Here is your chance! Visit the Utah Olympic Park where you can experience bobsledding like an olympian. There’s also a zipline, a museum, powdery slopes, and so much more. The best part? You and your family need not spend tons on resort accommodations when there are countless Airbnb rentals to choose from.

When to go: Open year-round.

Kimball Arts Festival

Considered as one of the country’s top art festivals, this three-day celebration supports over 200 local artists, live bands, as well as wine and beer gardens. The proceeds of the event are donated to the Kimball Arts Center, a non-profit institution.

When to go: the art festival typically runs for three days starting July to August. Due to the current world health crisis, the festival can be viewed virtually on their official page.

SUP At Deer Valley

Deer Valley is home to a series of small ponds that are just perfect for your stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) adventures. Enjoy the serene waters with gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains without worrying about noisy speed boats and other motor-powered crafts. No need to bring a board with you since most vacation properties provide some free of charge while others rent them out for a minimal fee.

When to go: Summer

Whitewater Rafting

Experience an exhilarating ride down Weber River on a whitewater rafting adventure. Whether you opt to sit back and enjoy this fun activity or choose to paddle along with the others is all up to you. Pro tip: if you aren’t a fan of sharing a raft, grab a donut and participate in some tubing with your friends.

When to go: May to late June.

Horseback Riding

Marvel at the beautiful landscape as you sit saddled atop your trusty steed. Take your pick from the dozens of ranches that offer lessons and scenic tours through public lands.

When to go: Traverse the wilderness and ride through trails in the summertime.


Park City never lacks inactivity, no matter the season or time of day. When you find yourself ready to rest your weary head, there are accommodations in the form of inns, lodges, mountain resorts, and vacation rentals, many of which practice strict safety and cleaning protocols. Because the Park City community is known for advocating greener and environmentally friendly cleaning alternatives, it is not uncommon to find plant-based cleaning products.

Eating Establishments

When it’s time to fill up your belly, there are so many local haunts to try out. 

  • Riverhorse on Main Street has the best steaks along with that farm-to-table atmosphere. 
  • Cena Ristorante is a great family-friendly spot, and their flatbread pizza is a must-try. 
  • Grab some coffee or tea and cozy up with a book or send emails while at Atticus. 
  • Boneyard Saloon, Butcher’s Chop House, and The Cabin are just some of the bars you can visit for a cold pint.

Be it your first time or a repeat visit, there are numerous places to go and things to do in Park City, Utah. Why not book an Airbnb for your next summer or winter getaway in this hidden gem?