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Streamlined travel kits to

make your next
vacation smoother

People & Earth Friendly Cleaning Supplies & More

Safe + Hypoallergenic
Made in USA
Cruelty Free + Vegan
Recyclable Materials
Natural Ingredients
Travel Friendly

Exactly the
right amount

TripKitts contain just the right amount of natural/hypo-allergenic cleaning & household products for your family's vacation. Why go to the store and buy a large box or bottle that will either go to waste or you'll have to lug back home?

Good for you & Good for the environment. TripKitt is passionate about providing you with the highest quality safe and natural products. We're also passionate about protecting our environment along the way; reducing waste, sourcing eco-friendly solutions and recycling packaging at the end of your trip. 

TripKitts are customized to the length of your stay with the perfect amount of supplies, including things like dishwashing pods, laundry detergent, first aid supplies, and more. 

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More relaxing, less waste

Less packing stress

TripKitts are housekeeping solutions that are all-in-one, simple, and stress-free. They come conveniently pre-packaged in the amounts you need for your stay. 

Less money spent

Why buy a giant pack of trash bags when you only need 2 or 3 for your stay? With TripKitts you get just the amount of supplies you need to keep your vacation simple.


Better, safer products

All our products are 'free and clear' - meaning they are safe for your family, with no extra chemicals. You can rely on our supplies to support you & your environment. 

Recyclable & green

Even the box your TripKitt comes in is biodegradable! Everything is specially sourced to be eco-friendly and each product is hand-tested for safety.


Biodegradable Sponge


Natural Dish & Hand Soap


Plant Powered Dishwashing Pods


Hypoallergenic & Eco-Friendly Laundry


First Aid Kit - For Minor Needs


Made From Plant Trash Bags

More time to do what you do

Less stress about supplies

Your vacation should be about you - not about running to the store at 10pm because the AirBnB only provided one dishwasher pod. TripKitts provide convenience, keeping essential cleaning, household, and first aid supplies on-hand so you can spend time with those you love instead of shopping aisle 6. 

Naturally sourced

Our dishwashing soap and handwashing soap are made from plants and other natural ingredients. 


Cleaning products and materials are typically harmful to the environment. Every component of our Kitts is biodegradable - including our packaging materials.


Our packaging and products are all designed to meet current TSA requirements, so you can grab and go. 

Simplify your next trip

All our products are made in the USA and are eco-friendly.

Safe products from our family to yours