Travel, whether for work or for leisure, has predominantly involved hotel stays in past years. Anywhere in the world you might be, finding a hotel that fits your needs and your budget was usually not difficult. Although there have been a lot of hits and misses when it comes to quality, nothing still beats having a roof over your head when you need one. However, there are instances when a hotel stay isn’t the most ideal. Luckily, there are now vacation rentals that can cater to those who are in search of alternative accommodations.

Hotels Have Long Been the Top Accommodation Choice

As previously mentioned, hotels used to reign supreme when it came to providing travelers with a home away from home. Over the years, hotels have battled many types of rentals. No matter how big or small the competition was, hotels had managed to stay in the game and lead the pack. 

Besides the obvious luxury a hotel brings, many people opt to stay in one for all the amenities that their reservation affords them. Because they have been the top players, hotels are often situated in key locations. Many are within close proximity to business centers, attractions, dining establishments, etc. Unlike vacation properties that generally operate on a reservation basis, hotels allow walk-ins anytime and as long as they have the room to spare.

A hotel stay also ensures that guests get every comfort and luxury possible, something that can be limited when you stay elsewhere. Not to mention that many travel agencies tend to package airfare and hotel stays for the ultimate traveler deal. It’s hard to beat a well-priced combo. After all, what’s not to love when you’ve got an airport shuttle, a butler, and a free buffet breakfast for the duration of your stay? With this kind of tried and true business model, it is no wonder that guests continue to book their stays.

Of course, all this comes with a price, and depending on the location, staying in a hotel can do much damage to your travel budget. This can particularly be the case when traveling in large groups where a hotel stay may not be the best option.

The Rise of Vacation Rentals and the Home-Sharing Industry

Vacation properties for rent are old news. Wherever you are in the world, there are vacation properties that you can rent. What’s changed is how this once timid hospitality sector has blossomed into one that gives hotels fierce competition. 

No longer are guests finding themselves staying at the generic beach house. These days, vacation home rentals come in a wide variety. Are you tired of log cabins? There’s a treehouse retreat out there waiting for you and your family. Enjoy nature and the outdoors nestled above the treetops or stay in a medieval castle, a yurt, or an igloo. Even the run of the mill city condo has gotten a facelift thanks to the home share business. The options with vacation rentals have gone from boring to an instant adventure. 

To be fair, the themed rooms and unique structures aren’t limited to vacation rentals. All over the world, there are uniquely designed hotels. The question now is, “What has made the short-term vacation accommodation style so popular?” 

First and foremost, the home-share industry owes its patronage to travelers who are in search of a temporary home base that feels exactly like home. Hands down the most common positive review on home-share platforms involves the words “homey” or “homey atmosphere.” 

Large groups get to enjoy entire properties at much more affordable prices. Travelers also enjoy having the amenities of a well-stocked kitchen, living room setup, and a yard without having to worry about bothering other guests. There’s freedom to enjoy the company of your friends and the ability to cater to your needs however you choose to. 

The beauty of property rentals for vacations is the flexibility they permit. Travelers can tailor their search on home-share platforms to include their price range, desired location, and added amenities that may not be available in many hotels. 

The future of vacation properties

Whether the hoteliers care to admit it or not, vacation homes are here to stay—not to say that the neighborhood bed and breakfasts are going to put a hotel out of business. If anything, it helps create healthy competition between the big chain accommodations and the homestyle comforts of rentals.

For the most part, hotels should start improving since rentals are fast becoming a favorite amongst travelers in search of better deals without having to sacrifice their creature comforts. There is no denying, however, that it’s hard to beat the less commercialized style and the personalized approach home rentals have to offer.