How could you possibly miss out on a place named Kissimmee? 

Kissimmee is the largest city and county seat of Osceola County, Florida. It’s known for being a family-oriented destination with several world-famous theme parks, vacation rentals, and sunshine-filled hidden paths that lead to new adventures. 

Visitors looking to explore the wilder side of the city will find lush landscapes that create the ultimate backdrop for any outdoor family adventure. Whether it’s smoothly gliding across the waters of the Everglades, zipping through the treetops, or sailing above the skies in a hot air balloon, there’s something for everyone to do in Kissimmee. 

When you get tired of the natural scenery, you can also head down into town and explore the quaint boutiques, the local dining spots, shopping centers, and the countless parks. 


Originally known as Allendale, the city was eventually renamed Kissimmee in 1883 when it was officially incorporated. To date, Kissimmee’s etymology is still under debate with the general consensus that it’s of Native American origin. It’s said that the growth of the city can be credited to Philadelphia’s Hamilton Disston. 

Kissimmee’s climate is generally hot and humid during the summer months, then mild and dry with a hint of sunshine during the winter months. This subtropical climate has made the area a popular travel destination in the United States. 

Where To Stay

When you plan a trip to Kissimmee, finding a place for you and your family to stay isn’t at all difficult. Everyone knows that Florida has no shortage of theme parks, and with that comes plenty of resort accommodation options so that park-goers need not travel far. 

If staying in a park isn’t your thing, you can find a variety of world-class hotels that are perfect for business or leisure trips. Travelers who are looking for accommodations that offer more freedom, on the other hand, can book a stay at one of the many vacation properties for rent. 

You can easily find condos, apartments, and vacation homes to suit the needs of your travel companions. For more adventurous groups, the city has numerous campgrounds and RV parks to enjoy a nature-filled stay.  And of course, the perfect travel companion – regardless of where you chose to stay, is TripKitt!

What To Do

Once you’re all settled in, you can start planning your itinerary. Kissimmee is within close proximity to many popular attractions, and most travelers end up wishing they had more time to explore every nook and cranny of the accessible subtropical paradise. Here are the top spots that you shouldn’t miss out on:

Theme Parks 

Florida is a state that’s best known for its theme parks, and the city of Kissimmee has access to some of the best parks in the area. For fans of marine life, you can get tickets and enjoy a day at SeaWorld. There’s also Disney World, Universal Studios, water parks, Legoland, and go-karting arenas in the area. These options are just the tip of the iceberg. When you visit Kissimmee, you can enjoy over 24 theme park attractions. 

Old Town Kissimmee

More than just your run of the mill shopping complex, this spot will actually take you back in time as a classic recreation of old town Florida. While you shop you can marvel at the wide range of muscle cars that are on show during weekends. 

You can even witness incredible views of the area as you sit in a gondola at the town’s iconic ferris wheel. This is a popular attraction that takes you 86 stories high and offers spectacular views of Kissimmee and Florida.

Airboat Rides and Tours

Take a ride on an airboat and explore one of the many marshlands of Florida. The boats can easily fit as many as 15 people at a time, making it the perfect activity for families traveling together. Explore the everglades, search for gators, and even take a sunset ride. You can find the perfect operator by asking your Airbnb host or the concierge of your hotel for recommendations. 


If you’re up for an adrenaline rush, then a day spent skydiving might just be the thing for you. Accredited skydiving lessons are easily within reach and are taught by experienced jumpers. You’ll be able to train in a USPA affiliated drop zone or go on a tandem jump for a quick thrill. 


Go for an eco-tour or a relaxing paddle on a kayak down a quiet creek. The Paddling Center at Shingle Creek offers kayak rentals, stand up paddleboards, canoes, and tours. You can find them close to the Disney Convention Center. 

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Experience Kissimmee from new heights. Hop on board a hot air balloon and float through the sky. A balloon adventure will have you enjoying a 3-4 hour unique experience. The ride also comes to a close with a traditional champagne toast upon landing. 

Where To Eat 

Dining out is an essential part of every trip. Even when your vacation rental comes with a well-stocked kitchen, it’s almost impossible to resist the temptation of trying out local dining spots. These are some of the best places to get you and your family started on your Kissimmee gastronomic adventure:

Smokey Bones BBQ and Grill 

The best BBQ prepared by amazing grill masters can be found at this charming spot. Located on Vineland Road, the dining establishment carries an extensive menu that diners of all ages will enjoy. 

Bubba Gump Shrimp

You can’t visit Florida without stopping by and grabbing some shrimp from good ol’ Bubba Gump. Belonging to a small chain of restaurants, Bubba Gump captures the absolute all-American Spirit that is portrayed in the movie Forrest Gump.

Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory

Get a scoop or two of ice cream prepared right before your eyes. This ice cream shop is loved by both locals and tourists alike. Don’t forget to try out their flash-frozen nitrogen dessert treats!