White sand beaches and fun activities await the whole family in Destin. This underrated piece of paradise offers attractions for both thrill seekers and chill seekers. Those looking for an escape from the usual flow of life will savor the pristine waters. Not only is the beach one of the best the state has to offer, but there are also many other activities to enjoy, making it an ideal group vacation spot.

Built for Families

There are many options available for a group stay. Most Airbnb rentals and vacation homes in the area can serve a group of four or more. The best part is that most of these rentals are at the beachfront. Going to the beach can be as easy as taking a few steps from the front door. If you’re not craving saltwater, many rentals also come with pools and resort-style amenities.

If the waterfront spot is too mundane, how about a river experience? You can check in at one of the many rental cottages by the river connecting to the ocean and even kayak while you’re at it. There are also rental condominiums by the beach. Many rentals also have a gym feature if you need a fitness fix during your stay.

The Destin Experience

Activities abound for those wanting to have as many experiences as possible during their stay. Multiple options are available, depending on your mood or goal. You can even dine at some of the best seafood restaurants in the state. Here are some of the things you can do with your family:

Private Sailing

Since you are so close to the ocean, one of the ways you can experience the sea’s beauty is through a private sailing trip. You can set out away from the busy harbor and into the calm waters.

The best time to do so is before sunset. You can experience a bit of warmth before the magnificent orange light bathes the waters as the sun says its goodbye. There are many sailboats available for rent throughout the beach area.

If you don’t have any experience sailing, then it isn’t a problem, as sailboats for rent come with skilled staff to help you navigate. You might even see dolphins visiting and playing as you enjoy the scenery. A sailing trip is ideal for a night out, a date, and more. It is one of the experiences you must have while in Destin.

Professional Photography by the Beach

Are you tired of taking photos that can’t seem to capture the sights? Hire a professional photographer and let them do the rest. You can have the photographer follow you around and take candid photos along with a few portraits. They charge per hour or for a set of photos, so hire them at a time when you’re doing the most activities. Now you have photos you can share on social media and keep at home.

Go Camping

If you don’t want to experience the tourist-filled spots for a while, you can book an experience at Henderson Beach State Park. The park is open until sundown. You can have some quiet time down by the sand dunes and walk across the shoreline. The park is a great spot to set up camp and is also ideal for family events.

It is one of the best ways to stay close to nature. The park is one of many preserved and protected areas of Florida. You can go fishing or even hike on a nature trail. The park features 60 campsites, so you can choose a less congested spot.

Visit Crab Island

Crab Island is the most famous sandbar in Destin and is a hub for tourists. The island contains various features, including inflatables, games, and music. You can even hire a pontoon boat, which is easy to drive to the location. If you don’t want to be the captain, you can join a larger group with a full crew on an excursion to Crab Island.

Watch Exotic Marine Life

Destin has several sightseeing cruises. On these tours, boats will go out into the open sea to search for marine life. You can witness dolphins dancing, sharks passing through the waters, and even the occasional sea turtle.

Each cruise is different, making it an experience you can always go back to. The most that you can guarantee is spotting dolphins, as they frequent the area.

The Tip of the Sand Dune

The experiences listed here are just a few of the many attractions and places in Destin. It is a wonderful place to visit if you’re looking for a bit of warmth during the fall and winter seasons. It is also a beautiful sight for beach lovers and those looking for the rejuvenating powers of seawater. You’re sure to experience something new on a family vacation in Destin.